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14 December 2014 @ 09:50 pm
Not remembering my PW OR e-mail or anything else that is connected to my LJ I was away for a long time... But I never was a strong blogger on here anyway.
But nontheless, I try to come back and post stuff, get back into all the lovely fandoms I was in (and still am in. I just didn't go around LJ but on other sites to find information ^^'') and maybe post one thing or another myself, since I finally got some things to share.

Okay, so seeing how I am back only after YEARS of absence, maybe a short introduction would be nice:

Somehow K-POP caught me and it was so much easier to find information on K-POP than J-POP, so I slowly driftet away. Of course, my old stuff still was precious to me and I sent more time in Japan than anywhere else, but my main fan-object was K-POP. So now, I am the leader of a fanclub for U-KISS (Kiss Me Austria. Find us on twitter, youtube and facebook! ^^).
Aside from that,  I kinda stopped to go crazy over all the groups out there. So now, I specialize in the following:

Nishikido Ryo

And if I have time, I still follow: Kanjani8, C.N.Blue, Arashi, B1A4, KAT-TUN, MUCC, Gackt, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-my-ft2 and some other K-POP.

I am close to getting my bachelor degree in Japanese and start to plan out my future. Seeing how close I am to getting my degree, I also started to do some subtitles. Mostly for U-KISS, since they use simple japanese. Might as well start subbing other videos in the future, too... We'll see how motivated I am. ^^

Oh, and some hardfacts: I am from Austria (Vienna) and currently 26 years old. ^^

Hope to be able to keep up some blogposts!
See you~
14 February 2014 @ 05:36 pm
Hey hey <3

For all those who like my new LJ-Layout, here is where I got it from:


.x. Honey <3
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12 December 2010 @ 04:15 am

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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05 June 2010 @ 02:56 am
I was always annoyed at how songs start really stupid, because then I wouldn't be able to use them as my ringtone. or when I love one song for a certain part, but that part was faaar at the ending! That's why I started to cut ringtones. And now I want to share some of them with you. I don't have many right now, but I'll keep updating as soon as I get myself to do some. It's not only songs, but also some voice-cuts from TV-Shows (I had some from Soukon because Koyama is just adorable in it <3)

Fell free to request, if there is a certain part you want. ^^ But please don't swamp me with requests *lol*

DL-link and pre-listen under the cutCollapse )

Please comment when taking <3
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02 January 2010 @ 10:19 pm
It's my first time doing some Icons, so I hope they are okay...!

12 Nishikido Ryo Icons


Find more here...Collapse )
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